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Non-bank loans with a long repayment period

Non-bank loans with a long repayment period

Among the companies that grant non-bank long-term loans, there is still no such choice as among companies providing payday loans, but in recent years several such companies have also come to us. One of them is Bibank, which grants long-term loans via the Internet.

Aasa’s offer may be of particular interest to those who need to borrow cash for a longer period of time, and therefore more than a “short-term” 30 days. At Aasa, we can adjust the repayment period according to your needs so that it can be from 6 to even 24 months.

Loan amounts available at Aasa. People looking for high amounts will be a bit disappointed because the company’s offer includes only loans from PLN 1000 to a maximum of PLN 3,400. The costs of Aasa loans are attractive, at least for non-bank conditions.

Borrowing PLN 1000 for a period of 12 months for donation, we will have a total of PLN 1624, so the average monthly installment will be PLN 138. This is not an exorbitant loan cost considering other non-bank offers. With similar costs, it can only be equal to Provident in the Transfer option and only slightly more expensive Takto Finance.

What will you need to apply for a non-bank loan in Aasa? Completed 20 years and not more than 80 years, a person must live permanently in Poland and have a stable income. Of course, an important criterion is also a clean account in the debtors’ registers.

We will be able to arrange all the formalities related to the loan remotely, without leaving your home. In the first step, we fill out the internet application for a loan and transfer the verification fee from our bank account in the amount of PLN 1. In the next step the data verification will take place and the decision about granting the loan will be taken. If this decision is positive and we will be granted a loan, a loan agreement will be sent to us via courier. After signing the documents and sending them back, a loan transfer will be made to our bank account.

It is worth mentioning that before the loan is fully repaid, it is possible to take the second one, provided that we have repaid at least half of the current loan installments.

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Where did private loans come from? In a model situation, if we need additional money, we go to a bank or loan company. In practice, many people have a negative credit history (delays in paying off other liabilities) and can forget about the loan.

This is when we start looking for popular “loans without BIK”, i.e. offers from loan companies that either do not verify in debtors’ databases or accept arrears.

Unfortunately, many customers even in such companies will not receive a loan. A court bailiff, low creditworthiness or over-indebtedness are standing in the way . That’s when the frantic search for “private loans” begins as the last resort.

Private loan – (after) what is it?

Private loan

Let’s start with the definition. A private loan is a loan that is not provided by a bank or loan company , and by private lenders often called “investors”.

In the sense of a broad private loan, it can also be from people close to you – family members or friends. However, in this case the risk of any fraud is negligible. The main threat is private loans over the Internet provided by people unknown to us.

For whom private loans


In the current opinion, private loans are available to indebted persons and without verification at BIK . What does reality look like? Private investors may actually not check clients in any databases, such as Credit Information Bureau or KRD.

But there is nothing for free – in exchange for accepting a bad credit history, the lender will ask for high interest rates, commissions or fees , and above all, additional collateral in the form of movable or immovable property.

The same applies to the lack of creditworthiness. It even happens that a private investor accepts the lack of employment of a potential client. However, this does not result from a “good heart”, but rather from solid security. In the case of non-repayment of debt (depending on the contract and security), it can be quickly satisfied by:

1) acquisition of movable/immovable property

2) demanding repayment from the guarantor

3) refer the case to debt collection

4) transfer the case to the court and then the court enforcement officer.

What is worse, private investors pay very much to debt enforcement. In the case of even a few-day delay in repayment, we can expect a phone call from debt collection and even meeting eye-to-eye with an employee of the field debt collection. It is also not uncommon to visit the workplace, frequent telephone calls and text messages reminding you of repayment.

Very high risk of fraud

Very high risk of fraud

Before we get any private loan, we’ll have to search our offers. Most often this is done via the Internet, where “private investors” mainly advertise.

Another way is to charge too high interest, commission or other fees that exceed the maximum loan cost specified in the anti-usury law.

For many scammers, quick private loans are also a way to take over the assets of a person who decides to make such a product and is unable to pay off the debt. It is about situations in which the loan is secured by real estate (flat, house, plot) or movable property (car, tractor, machines). The security itself is not prohibited and is often used by the banks themselves. The problem arises when the lender uses the client’s involuntary position and forces him to sign an unfavorable contract that assumes “an incommensurate mutual benefit”. This behavior is referred to as usury and is punishable by imprisonment for up to three years.

Another method of cheating is to scam personal data . Mainly it’s about name, surname, PESEL number, e-mail address, address of residence. The fraud may take a different form, but the assumption is one – the “investor” does not intend to grant any loan, it is only for our personal data. For this reason, his offer looks so good that it is hard to believe. What are our personal details about the fraudsters? In the best case, we will be attacked with loan offers (e-mails, SMS messages). It may happen, however, that the fraudsters will want to take out a loan themselves – this time using our data.

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The Internet network does not lack numerous loan offers, so-called payday loans, as well as loans with a longer period of cash back, in companies. loan. Before making such a commitment, the client should check if he is dealing with a honest and reliable lender.

Data of the lender

Data of the lender

A loan institution that explicitly grants cash loans in accordance with applicable law, will not hide its data from potential customers. On her website, we should easily find her address, NIP, REGON and KRS numbers. If this data is hidden, this is the first signal for the customer that he may have to deal with the scam. A loan institution may only operate in the form of a limited liability company or a joint-stock company.

A reliable loan company does not shy away from answering customer questions, which can be done in the FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section. It leaves users the opportunity to ask questions online – on a chat or via the contact form. It must also disclose an information form regarding a representative example of the loan it provides. The consumer has the right to receive, upon request, a free draft consumer credit agreement if, in the opinion of the creditor or credit intermediary, he meets the conditions to grant him a consumer loan.

How do you scan a loan institution?

How do you scan a loan institution?

The first step to check the loan company in which we want to take out a loan is to check her activity in the Financial Supervision Commission.

On the website. you can find a list of KNF warnings against companies that are suspected of criminal activity. It’s good if the loan company we want to borrow in has, among other things, Certificate of the company credible financially.

Opinions of other customers

Opinions of other customers

The reputation of the loan company is built by its existing clients – satisfied with its services. Their opinions can be taken from the internet, from thematic forums and discussion groups, but also to ask your friends or family members about a particular company. If a given lender has existed for a long time, we can easily find someone who has some experience with him and will be able to say anything about him.

It is worth taking a moment to check the institution, thanks to this we will be able to conclude a loan agreement only with a reliable entity, and the loan will be adapted to our needs.

The Internet network does not lack numerous loan offers, so-called payday loans, as well as loans with a longer period of cash back, in companies. loan.

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People like housewives, self-employed or unemployed can not provide a payroll to justify having regular income, so I looked for the cheapest offers of loans without payroll for that type of person.

This type of loans can be classified within the so-called credits without paperwork at once, characterized by the absence of paperwork (including the non-presentation of a payroll for an employee) and the speed with which the application is managed.

By not requiring proof of income, the amounts that you are going to provide are small: From 50 euros to 900 euros, although many of these companies limit the amount of 300 euros if you are a new client for them.

1 What are the urgent loans without payroll of the market?

  • 2 What does it mean without a payroll?
  • 3 Advantages of the credit without payroll
  • 4 Minimum requirements that you will be required
  • 5 What are the quick credits without reliable payroll?
  • 6 Free and no-payroll loan offers?
  • 7 How to return a quick loan without a payroll?
  • 8 Conclusions


Minimum requirements that will require you

Minimum requirements that will require you

The majority of lenders that grant quick loans without online payroll here, only ask you to fill in a short form (amount of money, return period and some personal data). When they receive the form, they review it in their system and inform you of the loan’s approval.

To make requests with guarantees that you will approve the loan, you must meet at least the following requirements:

  • Be Spanish or legally resident in Spain
  • Have your ID or passport in force
  • Be of age
  • Be a bank account holder (where the money will be transferred)
  • Provide a mobile number

If you do not meet any of these requirements, do not waste your time and look for another option for micro loans because the ones that I have collected here will automatically deny you.

What are the quick credits without reliable payroll?

What are the quick credits without reliable payroll?

Nowadays there is a very wide offer of this type of loans, even the individuals that offer this type of services are proliferating without having the due guarantees.

In Spain, the regulation that regulates the sector is Law 22/2007, of July 11, on Distance Marketing of Financial Services Destined to Consumers, and Law 16/2011, of June 24, on Contracts of Credit to Consumption to which financial entities engaged in the provision of online loan services without payroll must submit.

At the time of the petition we must observe a series of factors:

Never trust if they ask you for money in advance: Reject that proposal to borrow money ask for money for “management expenses” or similar. The serious companies of miniprestamos without payroll have implemented in their official webs a virtual calculator in which introducing the money that you want and the term of return will indicate you exactly how much you have to pay.

Contrast opinions: Before launching to ask the money to any company, I recommend consulting the opinions of other users, and deal only with those companies that clearly indicate their social and fiscal address.

Secure portals: For many facilities such as not requiring payroll for the loan make sure that the web has the appropriate security measures, since through your form you will send personal data.

  • The url of your website should start by starting with https: //
  • Next to the url you have to see the drawing of a green padlock

Free and no-payroll loan offers?

Free and no-payroll loan offers?

If it is going to be your first request for a mini loan, in our portal you can get a quick credit without interest by taking advantage of the current promotions that we have of loans at 0% interest. I have created a list with the offers and promotions of different entities, which grant the first request to each new client, without charging any extra, and they do so in order to create a good reputation and make themselves known, being one of the most prominent within of the sector of the first free loan, Crediter, an entity of miniprestamos that is booming in Spain.

How to return a quick loan without a payroll?

How to return a quick loan without a payroll?

The process is very simple although each lender has its own peculiarities. All of them allow the return by bank transfer (if you have any questions, please contact your customer service department)

Some have a personal panel enabled by each applicant, from which with a couple of click you can make the money back.

You always have the option of making the deposit (do not forget or indicate your name and ID so that when they receive the money they know that the client is returning the loan)

In the event that the return date of the loan does not have enough money, what you have to do is contact the financial institution to request an extension (this solution is always better than late fees).. An example of a company that grants rollover extensions is the hypocredit personal loan.

Most of the lenders who do not ask for payroll, are flexible in terms of setting deadlines for return even you can indicate the duration of the credit in the virtual simulator.


  • Traditional banking automatically denies the application for loans to people who do not have a payroll endorsement.
  • Some lenders do not require the certificate of salaries for others but require that another type of income is available that demonstrates their solvency
  • The microloans without payroll are quick loans that grant amounts that do not exceed 1000 euros.


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Loan protection policy: what is it?

Loan protection policy: what is it?

There are two types of insurance coverage that can be associated with Sdyney Mcbright : credit coverage policies, also called CPI (Credit Protection Insurance) and ancillary policies.

The credit coverage policies serve to protect the bank or the financial company from the risk of customer insolvency, and to guarantee the loan holder if he is unable to support the installment. In other words, if the loan recipient fails to pay the monthly installment due to work or personal circumstances, such as loss of employment, illness, injury or death, the insurance will reimburse the bank. When these situations occur, the CPI insurance intervenes to repay the installments on behalf of the client who is in temporary financial difficulties, for the period of time defined in the contract. In the foreseen cases, the CPI can also provide for the complete and early termination of the loan.

There are also ancillary insurances, which are sold in association with the CPI and can include different types of coverage: for example, they can allow the customer to skip the payment of one or more installments, if he is in financial difficulties.

When financing insurance is needed

When financing insurance is needed

The insurance on personal Sdyney Mcbright is optional and can be taken out at the discretion of the client. In some cases, however, the provider may require the stipulation of a policy to cover the credit as an indispensable condition for the loan: this happens, for example, if the amount requested is very high or if the beneficiary of the loan is considered a subject “at risk” (it has no fixed monthly income or, in the past, is represented as a “bad payer”).

Loan insurance is compulsory by law only in the case of Sdyney Mcbright with a fifth assignment. For this type of financing, in which the monthly payment is reimbursed through a deduction of no more than 20% of the payroll or pension, a compulsory insurance policy against life risk and employment risk is required.

In cases where the loan insurance is provided as a necessary condition for the disbursement, its cost must be included in the calculation of the TAEG (Annual Effective Rate), the percentage value that indicates the total cost of the loan and which makes it possible to compare quickly different loan quotes.

Policies on Sdyney Mcbright: what to watch out for

Policies on Sdyney Mcbright: what to watch out for

The policies on Sdyney Mcbright can guarantee the client against the risk of being reported as a bad payer, in the event that he has difficulty in honoring the obligations assumed with the bank. However, it is good to consider that insurance represents an additional burden for consumers, which goes to affect (even considerably) the total cost of financing. For this reason, before entering into one, it is necessary to evaluate its convenience, carefully reading all the conditions and clauses envisaged by the contract. Furthermore, it should be remembered that banks have every interest in including an insurance policy in the loan contract, as they offer insurance products belonging to the same banking group, or receive a commission from the approved insurance companies for each insurance sold.

The payment of the CPI policy can be made either in a single payment, at the beginning of the loan, or in installments, with a monthly fee that is added to the loan installment. In the event that you decide to pay off the loan in advance, you should inquire about the possibility of a refund of the unused premium, if the policy has already been paid in full.

In general, an insurance policy to protect credit can be of fundamental importance if the requested loan is of a high amount; on the contrary, it is less suitable for small Sdyney Mcbright.